The Everest Taekwondo Beginner’s Program provides an introduction to the basic techniques of modern Taekwondo, while increasing strength, flexibility, coordination and cardiovascular fitness.


Students are introduced to basic techniques in a more structured environment. “Belt” tests at the end of the term allow students to work toward tangible goals, and showcase their new found skills! Each session of the program consists of a 60 minute class. Students will learn a more formal curriculum of basic blocks, kicks and punches of Taekwondo, but there is no physical contact between students. Many practice drills are conducted on kicking pads and shields. Students are taught lessons in the proper time and situations for use of their new-found skills. A belt promotion system whereby the students will earn different color belts upon successful completion of certain of skill sets, and quarterly belt promotion tests in which students earn striped belts will reinforce positive behavior and serve as incentives for improvement. We continue development of our students’ behavior, character and gross motor skills through a more focused and disciplined curriculum. You can expect to your child to learn the following:




​Through the belt ranking system, our children are motivated to set short and long-term goals, from earning their color stripes between each belt test, to visioning and achieving the ultimate goal of earning a Black Belt. At Everest Taekwondo, our young students are taught that through dedicated, intense work, any goal in life is achievable.


After successfully testing for a Yellow Belt, your child’s time in Taekwondo will become more intense and exciting! The Intermediate program at Everest Taekwondo offers different types of classes across 6 days of the week. In addition to three basic classes, we offer Basic and Advanced Sparring Classes and the opportunity to compete locally, regionally and nationally.


For the serious Taekwondo practitioner, we offer Special “Black Belt Only” and other advanced classes in poomsae, Olympic Style competition sparring, self-defense and board-breaking.


  • Respect for the learning process through a formalized and uniformed class setting

  • Respect for teachers through formalities such as bowing and hand shakes, and addressing them with “Yes, Sir!” and “Yes, Ma’am!”

  • Respect for each other and other socialization skills such as bowing

  • Cooperation through taking turns at activities

  • Concepts of non-violence through lessons in using the techniques learned only for defense

  • Respect for parents


  • Responsibility for oneself and one’s actions

  • Discipline and a positive work ethic

  • Good manners and respectful behavior

  • Cooperative attitude toward teachers and fellow students


  • Basic kicks, punches, blocks and stances, and introduction into forms (prearranged sets of kicks, blocks punches and stances)

  • Running

  • Jumping

  • Stepping (forward, backward, and side)

  • Balancing


Here are some of the benefits you can expect your child to receive from training in Taekwondo:


Taekwondo helps create Fit and Healthy Children:

Taekwondo training incorporates extensive stretching and constant aerobic exertion. The results are increased aerobic capacity, strength and awareness of one’s body. Your child will burn tons of calories, build muscle, and in general, get your child’s metabolism kicked into high gear.


Taekwondo helps students develop important Self Defense Skills:

Taekwondo is recognized as the martial art with the most highly developed arsenal of kicking techniques. When combined with powerful strikes, blocks, throws and joint-locks, Taekwondo becomes a complete system of unarmed combat for self-defense. Through constant practice of techniques and total body conditioning, the Taekwondo practitioner becomes mentally and physically prepared to defend oneself, should the need arise. At the same time, students are always reminded that martial arts skills are never to be used in an abusive or offensive and manner. In fact, it’s part of our student creed.


Taekwondo helps students develop Self-Confidence and a Positive Outlook:

Taekwondo training instills a sense of discipline, control over one’s mind and body and ultimately, self-confidence. Our children will be encouraged to take on challenges and to push themselves past their own pre-conceived limits and reach new heights of self-confidence that will carry over to all aspects of their life.


Taekwondo emphasizes Academic Excellence:

Many parents have attributed to our program improved grades as a direct result if the increased achievement motivation, self-direction, and self-confidence provided by Taekwondo training. As part of our efforts to encourage academic excellence, we require verification from parents that our students are performing to their potential in the classroom as part of the process for being allowed to advance in rank.


Taekwondo helps students develop a Respectful Attitude and Discipline:

Children in our program learn to have a positive and respectful attitude toward their teachers, parents, peers and, ultimately, themselves. We certainly don’t require it, but we’ve have heard many stories of children even saying “Yes, Ma’am” or “Yes, Sir” – to their own parents! In fact, our students must specifically receive their parents’ / guardians’ recommendation in order to participate in the promotion test.