​Martial arts have become an integral part of our popular culture, through video games, movies and reality shows. With all that exposure, it’s natural for our youngest ones to develop an avid interest in the martial arts. We channel that interest into positive programs that promote the ideals of discipline, respect and confidence through activities which are designed to increase aerobic capacity, sharpen motor skills and increase focus.


Students are introduced to basic techniques in a more structured environment. “Belt” tests at the end of the term allow students to work toward tangible goals, and showcase their new found skills! Each session of the program consists of a 60 minute class. Students will learn a more formal curriculum of basic blocks, kicks and punches of Taekwondo, but there is no physical contact between students. Many practice drills are conducted on kicking pads and shields. Students are taught lessons in the proper time and situations for use of their new-found skills. A belt promotion system whereby the students will earn different color belts upon successful completion of certain of skill sets, and quarterly belt promotion tests in which students earn striped belts will reinforce positive behavior and serve as incentives for improvement. We continue development of our students’ behavior, character and gross motor skills through a more focused and disciplined curriculum. You can expect to your child to learn the following:




  • Respect for the learning process through a formalized and uniformed class setting

  • Respect for teachers through formalities such as bowing and hand shakes, and addressing them with “Yes, Sir!” and “Yes, Ma’am!”

  • Respect for each other and other socialization skills such as bowing

  • Cooperation through taking turns at activities

  • Concepts of non-violence through lessons in using the techniques learned only for defense

  • Respect for parents


  • Responsibility for oneself and one’s actions

  • Discipline and a positive work ethic

  • Good manners and respectful behavior

  • Cooperative attitude toward teachers and fellow students


  • Basic kicks, punches, blocks and stances, and introduction into forms (prearranged sets of kicks, blocks punches and stances)

  • Running

  • Jumping

  • Stepping (forward, backward, and side)

  • Balancing


The importance of setting specific achievable goals and following through to achieve those goals will be reinforced through a test at the end of the semester in which students will perform in front of the Master Instructors, Instructors, parents and their peers. Upon successful completion of each group test, students will earn belts as tangible symbols of their accomplishment. As students gain command of their skills and reach closer to age 6, they will have the opportunity to “graduate” into the regular Children’s Program, where all of the above lessons will be reinforced at greater levels of intensity and expectation, until the ultimate goal of Black Belt (or in the case of children, the Junior Black Belt) is achieved. This is the ultimate goal of a Taekwondo practitioner, whether young or old, and symbolizes a high level of dedication and achievement in the art of Taekwondo. It is never too early to be thinking of your child as becoming a Everest Taekwodno Black Belt, and many a Tiny Tiger student, after years of training, has gone on to achieve this ultimate accomplishment!